the green builder inc. was started thirteen years ago with the primary focus of sustainability from energy conservation in building construction. Currently, the company oversees both the design and construction of sustainable building projects within the Saskatoon Region. These projects vary in scope from retrofiting existing buildings to designing new buildings that use our principles of energy conservation. These projects have been designed and built to greatly reduce energy consumption, maintenance and repair, and ultimately save money for the owner.

The materials we use are chosen based on sustainable practices in harvesting, processing, and manufacturing. The selection of more specialized equipment and products is based on the efficiency of the units in question so as to improve the overall sustainable approach.


​​To upgrade our knowledge base through continuing education on sustainable building science. To educate our customers on the benifits of energy conservation, renewable energy, and sustainbility. To utilize sustainable practices in every aspect of the business and reduce our carbon footprint by reducing, reusing and recycling. 

Our goals are to maintain profitability while delivering quality work in the design, management, and building of our projects. We design with sustainable principles in mind to achieve our desired outcome of less energy consumption. We manage our carbon footprint by using appropriate tools and equipment, and in doing so we lower our operating costs, making the business sustainable and keeping waste to a minimum. 


the green builder inc. is a member of Passive House Canada which is affiliated with the Passivhaus Insitute (PHI) located in Germany. The PHI has designed and built an international energy modeling computer program, Passive House Planning Package (PHPP).  PHPP is a design tool used by Passive House designers and architects globally to acheive PHI certification of projects.

We use PHPP to design buildings to sustainable standards in terms of energy conservation, with the goal to use 80 to 90% less energy than the current building energy code.  This application of innovation in building science has allowed us to very accurately design buildings that will use less energy, at the same time lengthen the life-cycle of the building. A building that lasts longer is sustainable, and the operating costs are lowered.